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I try to create simple straightforward web sites that are easy on the eye, and easy on the wallet. That is not to say that I cannot accommodate a client's personal wishes. After all, ultimately the site has to reflect the personality of the person or company that it is being created for. So, if a Flash© animation is called for, flyout navigation bars, or animated images are what the client would like to see to make a statement, then that is what I will do. If these terms are strange or technical sounding don't worry, I can show you examples.

That said, I will still try to guide the client to the best of my ability toward the best mix of effects for the layout with ease of navigation the most important aspect in a design. I believe that if I don't "nickel and dime" a client for every little thing I do for them, they will feel they are getting "their money's worth", and it will maintain my good reputation and bring referrals. While it is common practice to include a domain name in the initial price of a web site, it really isn't free, and the cost (often marked up) is quietly passed on to a client in the up-front charge. I can take care of this for you (I don't charge for my time for this) or put you in touch with the domain registrar I have used for a number of years without any problems.  At this time, the cost of registering the name of your web site for a 5 year period would be $51.25.

Since I don't have the overhead of a rented office space and staff, I can keep my costs down and pass this on to my clients. I recognize that time is valuable to a client and will work hard to get their site up and running in as short a time as is possible.

So, no hidden fees, extra charges hidden in fine print, etc. I treat you as I would be treated myself. That is my "philosophy".