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Domain Registration

You may or may not have heard of the term "Domain name" or know what it means. No big mystery really, it is just the name you will want people to use to find your web site. You will want it to probably include some or all of your name or your business name. It will be what fits in between the "www." and the ".com", ".net", or ".org". There are a few steps we will need to take to come up with the best name for you to register and use, and I help you with this as your web design person.

Most web design companies charge for this service. If they say they don't, it is still figured into their total fee. I don't charge for the time it takes to do this, and only charge what the company charges.  If you prefer, I will give you all the information you need to set this up with a very friendly company that I have used for many years. They have very competitive rates, $10.45 per year for 2-4 year registration.  Most people opt for the 5 year period which costs $51.25 ($10.25 per year).  Please note:  This cost is subject to change by the Registrar.

Web Hosting

You will also need a web host to store and "serve" your web pages, and I can also help you compare the costs/benefits of using your present Internet provider with one that I and my clients use.  I can get you space for $7.95 a month, which you can pay up front for a year which comes to $95.40. 

I have tried to be as clear as possible about the costs associated with a web site, which is why I have put in the actual dollar costs in a few different places on this site.  Many web designers don't put any fees on their site, and ask you to contact them for a quote.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Click the "Contact Me" link at the left (under Domain Registration). Thanks.