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In the table below, I have a rate for my time, depending on what it is I will be doing for you.

A small site to promote your art work and/or business of up to 8 pages would be $875. I will work with you to come up with a design unless you already have something in mind. The more you have in the way of ideas for banners, layout and images, the faster I can make the site for you. I include 1 hour of consultation* in this fee to design the site with you choosing a layout, colors for background and text, etc. It also includes resizing your images to load quickly on a visitor's computer. If you want a custom banner/logo, or have more than 5 images per page, an additional hourly fee will be necessary of $65 per hour to cover the extra time.

I have also created business cards, postcards for shows, and letterhead for people pulling elements of their web site images, fonts, and colors into them to create a cohesive unity.  All sites I make are registered with the leading search engines after completion, and I am careful to code the pages to have the best chance of showing up well placed in them (referred to as SEO or Search Engine Optimization).

These fees are what you can expect to pay for a straightforward site.   Bells and whistles like a Flash® animation, animated gif images, or work requiring image creation in Adobe® Photoshop® or Illustrator® will be billed at an hourly rate of $65.  Web pages with a lot of Javascript programming will also add to the cost.  Anything over the basic cost will be discussed with you before I do it.

After the website is made you will need a company to store and "serve" your web pages to visitors.  Click on the link called "Domain Registration" for information on this.

If you are too far away, and we need to meet by phone for your 1 hour consultation, you can call me.  If I call you, I will bill you just for the phone company's charge (if any).  Lengthy emails will count toward the 1 hour of included consultation. If, after the 1 hour consultation, I begin making test pages and you change your mind about working with me, you will be charged for the time at $65 per hour.

Below is a clear representation of the charges for my work:

Up to 8 Page Web Site $875
9th Page & Up $85 (minimum depending on complexity)
Forms & Interactive Pages From $150
Revamp  Website Ask for quote on my Contact page
Maintenance $65/hr .. contracts available.
Adding Pages From $85
Digital Photography $85 per hour
Scan Images $3.50 each

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